A trusted adviser and impartial sounding board for hotel developers, owners, company executives, and General Managers during the process of making key decisions.

One of the most valuable assets you can acquire is the experience of a mentor or coach who knows your profession. Having someone whom you can learn from their mistakes & success who will steer you in the right direction.

  • You'll have a trusted ally on-call who can talk to you about your situation, problems, and issues. They understand the hotel industry and have probably been in you situation.

  • Your mentor will be there for you at your convenience by phone or email.


In addition to  daily availability by phone or email,  your coach will be:

  • A person willing to share valuable resources.

  • A trusted and confidential ally

  • Someone to talk to about the issues and problems you will be facing

  • Willing to share contacts of interest to you.


"Drew helped us make some major decisions about our family owned hotel"  - The Scoulas Family

"While Considering a major career move, Drew helped me create a career path" - Ester P.

"When I need a sounding board beyond my company resources, I call Drew"  - Steve B.

"Drew helped me launch my hotel consulting practice"  - Phillip M.

"We developed our first business plan with Drew's help"  - Thomas G.

"Thanks to Drew's coaching, my career seemed to take off" - Gerald P.

"I like having a sounding board like Drew to run situations by before I meet with my own people" - Josh T.