Your One-On-One  ZOOM Sessions  are Individualized  

 This fast track program presented in a individualized  (one-on-one) ZOOM format, was designed in collaboration with other well-known hotel consultants - many of whom started their practices after successful careers in the hotel industry.  Your individual session will be tailored to provide you with an enlightened awareness of and a real-world exposure to hospitality consulting.


You’ll quickly realize what adjustments to your skill sets you’ll need as a consultant to serve the industry you know so well. It is a total immersion in a one-on-one ZOOM atmosphere. 


While this session is designed to assist hotel executives in the start-up of a new practice, it is also available for  the sole practioner consulting veteran to become aware of the constant changes in the  profession.

  • The profession’s history and emerging trends.

  • Why there are more opportunities for a practitioner than before the pandemic

  • How today’s consulting has changed from the days of dominance by the large firms.

  • What to expect and prepare for in your first year of operations.

  • Consulting organizations and associations.

  • What consulting is “not.”

  • Who hires consultants – who does not.

  • Why some well known hoteliers have failed in their transition to consulting.

  • Are there opportunities for the “generalist”?

Hotel consulting Start-Up Phase
  • What it costs to start a practice.

  • Estimating fees and operating expenses.

  • Certifications and licenses required.

  • The generalist.

  • All about the office. Assistants, associates, associations, and partners.

  • Is it a good idea to put your name on the firm?

  • Insurance issues.

Consulting Practice Management
  • How a practice gets traction and sets up for growth.

  • Common rookie mistakes..

  • Proposals, Contracts and Engagement letters. Preparing the Scope of Work & Deliverables.

  • Types of fee structures.

  • Retainers - why you should never leave home without them..

Marketing Your Services
  • How to position yourself and put your hotel experience to use as a consultant.

  • Defining your competition.

  • How consultants get hired. How to reach the decision makers. Defining your network.

  • Social media and website? Publish or perish.  

  • Becoming a speaker or panelist at conferences. The generalist verses a niche.

Client Relationships
  • Why some clients may not be right for you.mistakes we've all made in the early years.

  • Listen to understand rather than respond with "free advice".

  • Competency issues.

  • Dealing with client’s difficult employees.

  • A look at how your lifestyle could change as you grow your practice and become more independent.

  • Work Life balance