Discover if Consulting is a valid career option for you.

For the hotel executive exploring the consulting profession or the  sole practioner consultant exploring ways to improve their practice.

 This fast track program is an all day intensive inter-actionable  program. It was designed in collaboration with other well-known hotel consultants - many of whom started their own practices after successful careers in the hotel industry.  Your individual session will be tailored to provide you with an enlightened awareness of and a real-world exposure to hospitality consulting.


You’ll quickly realize what new skill sets you’ll need as a consultant to serve the industry you know so well. It is a total immersion in a one-on-one atmosphere. 


This session is designed to expose the sole practioner consulting veteran to the constant changes in the  profession, as well as assist a current hotel executive in the start-up of a new practice.


  • The profession’s history and emerging trends.

  • How today’s consulting has changed from the days of dominance by the large firms.

  • What to expect and prepare for in your first year of operations.

  • Consulting organizations and associations.

  • What consulting is “not.”

  • Who hires consultants – who does not.

  • Why some well known hoteliers have failed in their transition to consulting.

  • Common rookie mistakes.

  • Are there opportunities for the “generalist”?

Hotel consulting Start-Up Phase
  • What it costs to start a practice.

  • Estimating fees and operating expenses.

  • Certifications and licenses required.

  • The generalist.

  • All about the office. Assistants, associates, associations, and partners.

  • Is it a good idea to put your name on the firm?

  • Insurance issues.

Consulting Practice Management
  • How a practice gets traction and sets up for growth.

  • Resources and affiliations.

  • Proposals, Contracts and Engagement letters. Preparing the Scope of Work & Deliverables.

  • Down time.

  • Types of fee structures.

  • Retainers - why you should never leave home without them.

  • Travel.

Marketing Your Services
  • How to position yourself and put your hotel experience to use as a consultant.

  • Defining your competition.

  • How consultants get hired. How to reach the decision makers. Defining your network.

  • Social media and website? Publish or perish.  

  • Becoming a speaker or panelist at conferences. The generalist verses a niche.

Client Relationships
  • Why some clients may not be right for you.

  • Common mistakes we've all made in the early years.

  • Listen to understand rather than respond with "free advice".

  • Competency issues.

  • Dealing with client’s difficult employees.

The Life Style of a Consultant
  • A look at how your lifestyle could change as you grow your practice and become more independent.

  • Work Life balance